Hello, I am Emil Buchman and welcome to my website!

As I have no Facebook or other social media sites, I have decided to create my own website, where you will see no ads and no annoying offers to buy something.  You will, however, find links to my books on the next page and, if you want to chat, you can contact me via—surprise, surprise—Contact Me page.

A few words about myself.  I was born in the Galaxy Far, Far Away (aka, Baku, Azerbaijan) and came to the United States in the early 1990s.  Currently, I live in Brooklyn, New York with my beautiful wife and my adorable wheaten terrier Chloe.  I am a practicing transactional lawyer, structuring and documenting complex debt instruments but this is a boring part of my life (and you won’t find any more references to the legal profession anywhere else on this website).  When I am not practicing, I enjoy reading and watching classics, history, fantasy, and sci-fi books, and movies.

Having been born on the cusp between baby boomers and Gen X, for all intents and purposes, I am a product of the 20th Century.  Thus, books are my lifelong passion.  However, it became harder and harder to find a book that would truly excite me, as most of the stuff had already been written and re-written—after all, how many Romeo and Juliette stories can you read whether they are placed in the 15th or the 25th century? Therefore, I decided to write something of my own.

Being a history buff and a sci-fi fan, the choice of the subject matter came naturally, As for the main character, I am a grandfather of five; so I decided to start with my oldest, strong-willed, gifted, and curious Chana (pronounced Ha-na).  My first book was conceived as her birthday present.  After I finished, I realized how much fun I had writing this book, so I decided to continue. I am currently working on my second book, which I will be sure to post on this website when I am done.

If you want to look at my attempt to produce something exciting, BE MY GUEST!

Thank you for stopping by,